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    Asturias is a region of Spain with a privileged natural environment and a rich historical tissue, visible in its abundant cultural and ethnographic heritage. The University of Oviedo has had a very relevant role in the history and the sciences of Asturias, as well in its study and dissemination.

    UbiCamp pays much attention to the offer of socio-cultural contents that may enrich the experience of a virtual mobility. The learning guide thoroughly explains how to follow this process.

    The elements and aspects of the culture and the society of Asturias are included in the contents that make up this section of UbiCamp. Its symbols are related to the historical identity features of the region. In relation to the language, the Principality has its own linguistic variant: the Asturian. Its institutional articulation sets the guidelines for the norms of the community. Some of its traditions and ethnographical manifestations constitute truly unique rituals. The values of the region are related to the evolution of a society whose roots lie in the countryside, marked by a late by intense process of industrialization that has lingered until our days. Moreover, some of the distinctive artifacts of the Asturian culture may be found precisely in the rural and industrial fields.

    The socio-cultural contents of UbiCamp aim at giving an overview on the main aspects that define this historical and territorial reality that is Asturias, the region that gives sense to the University of Oviedo.

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