Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) is one of the most liberal and modern universities in Lithuania, boasting an exciting history, nurturing and continuing deep-rooted traditions and playing the leading role in the Baltics for European intellectual and cultural sphere. The artes liberales community is famous for its individualized study organization forms, flexibility, humanistic spirit followed by the strength of its community.

VMU devotes special attention to international activities and is a member of EU associations. 10 faculties with more than 500 staff members and more than 9000 students are very active in LLP and research on study organization, collaboration with enterprises and networks all over Europe.

Innovative Studies Institute (ISI) is the department which is responsible for study innovation at university and undertakes the role of methodology development and quality assurance, as well as infrastructure development for technology enhanced learning, study and research, training of academic community for the uptake of ICT in learning and teaching, as well as is the coordinating unit of Lithuanian distance and e-learning association (LieDM association) uniting 40 Lithuanian institutions implementing technology enhanced learning.

Vytautas Magnus University has been participating in European projects in e-learning for many years. The specific area of Virtual Mobility is very appealing for our institution. VMU ISI was coordinating Erasmus VC project TeaCamp: Teacher Virtual Campus: Research, Practice, Apply (502102-LLP-1-2009-1-LT-ERASMUS-EVC) and successfully implemented and published research study "Virtual Mobility for Teachers and Students in Higher Education" (http://www.teacamp.eu/sites/default/files/Teacamp_book_final_final20110606.pdf) presenting the case of VM developed by 6 HEI from 5 EU countries.

Participation in UBICAMP project allows mainstreaming of virtual mobility at university and at Lithuanian Distance and eLearning (LieDM) association institutions, training teachers and students about virtual mobility potential and its uptake in combination with physical mobility.

Responsible person

Airina Volungevičienė
Director of Innovative studies institute

Universidad de Oviedo

UbiCamp: Integrated Solution to Virtual Mobility Barriers
Project No 526843-LLP-1-2012-1-ES-ERASMUS-ESMO
Contractor University of Oviedo

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