Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get credit if I take a UbiCamp course? If so, which university grants the credit, my home university or the host university?

Yes, both universities must agree in granting the ECST. The ECST credits will be added to your academic curriculum in your (home) university.

If I take a UbiCamp course, will I have to go to the host university to sit the examination?

No, the examination will take place from you (home) university.

Can I take a UbiCamp course as an extra to my degree, without bothering with an examination or with credits?

Yes, it will only depend on the universities bilateral agreement.

I am a student at the University of Limerick. I have seen the UbiCamp website and there is a course which I would like to take. May I?

Yes, your (home) University must agree with the offering (host) university for you to can be enrolled in such course.

I want to take a UbiCamp course. I use my iPhone to access the internet. Will it work?

It will only depend on the technology used by the host university. But it must be an important objective of any institution participating in Ubicamp.

I'm doing a UbiCamp course but I'm worried that I might fail the exam. If I fail, will I have the right to retake the exam later?

Yes, usually there will be two different dates for trying the exam for every subject. If fail for the second time, you will lose the ECST definitively.

In my university the standard course size is 7.5 ECTS, but the UbiCamp catalogue doesn't seem to have any courses elsewhere of the same size. Does that mean that I cannot use UbiCamp?

No, usually the agreement between you, your school, your tutor and the international office of your (home) institution must state what is the equivalence between the course (or courses) you realise using Ubicamp (host institution) and the course (or courses) you can validate in your (home) institution.

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