• Universities that participate in the virtual mobility project UbiCamp meet in Spain


    The universities of Southampton, Vytautas Magnus, Yașar, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Kauna University of Technology participate in this initiative coordinated by the University of Oviedo.

    The meeting, first of the project with physical attendance, will be celebrated on February 25 and 26 in Asturias.

    The news media are invited to see UbiCamp on Monday, January 25, at 11:15, at the Naranco Room of the Ramiro I Hotel (Oviedo).

    On February 25 and 26, Asturias will host the first meeting for the evaluation and analysis of content of the UbiCamp project: an initiative led by the University of Oviedo in which five universities from the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Turkey and Spain also participate (University of Southampton, Vytauto Didžiojo Universitetas, Kaunas University of Technology, Yașar Üniversitesi and the Autonomous University of Madrid).

    This will be the first meeting with physical attendance of a project that aims at going a step further in the strategies for academic exchange, through virtual mobility. Its objective is to overcome the limitations imposed by the traditional model of virtual teaching, through the use of the new technologies. This project sets up a more immersive environment that situates the students coming from different locations in the socio-cultural coordinates of the education centre in which they are completing their mobility studies.

    The different working plans, their development and the distribution of tasks among the participating groups will be discussed during these two days.

    The development of UbiCamp is based on a layered methodology: after the establishment of the working frame and the desired basic characteristics for virtual mobility, the next step taken is to create the corresponding resources for virtual education; after that, the first period of formation and awareness raising will be started, in order to set the platform in motion; lastly, the pilot program for virtual Erasmus exchange between the participating higher education entities will start its development. The sustainability and further strategies of this initiative will also be studied. Its assessment, quality assurance and dissemination are tasks that will be carried out continuously.

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